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2 years ago

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I thought I would tell this true story of how they just happened. About six months ago a nice young couple moved into the apartment below me. He goes to work, and she is home most of the time. Your bedroom is directly below me, so I have to use their sounds. Since we are all pornwall creatures of habit, I know fuck her routine Friday and Saturday nights between midnight and about 11 hours. Nothing high, only the rhythmic beating of the head for two or three minutes, then I can sleep. This week I was working from home on Thursday and Friday pornwall and could not concentrate because I was a builder in your kitchen re- improvising. Typical builder, radio blaring, bumps and holes, etc. So on Thursday I went pornwall to most of the day, but on Friday I have been in on the afternoon of Friday, the radio went silent and construction noise, " good ", I thought. Then I heard her laugh and laugh, and she seemed to move more quickly through the house. I heard a man laugh, a couple orf sometimes. Then it seemed to stay in the room, still laughing, until he fell silent. After about ten minutes, I heard noises coming from her that had never heard before. She moaned and groaned and gasped quickly. Wow ! She gets screwed by the builder! As an old pervert, I lay on the floor with his ear on the carpet. "God OOOOOOHHHHH oooooohhhhhhh shit Harder, yeeeeeeeeessssssssss. Ahh. Ahh, ahhhhhhhhhhhh. " That was the strongest orgasm I've heard, pornwall and a girl so sweet and innocent. That night I heard the head banging again. I wonder if my husband can tell her pussy stretched all afternoon? Today, Sunday, were leached in his car outside his home. "Sorry, any sound of last week we had our kitchen done," said the husband. " The O K. , no problem," he said. "He gives us a very good deal for the bathroom as well as" The woman was standing by the door when I leaned my head back and said. " Who's a lucky gIRL, then? "With a wink and a smile. She opened her mouth grinned from ear to ear and ran into the house ! pornwall

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